Census 2010 Get ready for propaganda!

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  1. So in 2000 when they did the census, they created 860k jobs. The population was 281 million. 10 years later, they expect the population to be around 308 million or about a 9.6% increase in population. For Census 2010, they are planning to create 1.2 million jobs with the Census, about a 50% increase from the 2000 census. So I ask myself...why do they need 50% more people to count 9.6% more people?

    Oh thats right...the country keeps losing hundreds of thousands of jobs and this Census is a GREAT way to fudge the numbers even more than usual and say the country is gaining jobs for once! Throw some extra money at the census for a sure way to get the job numbers up temporarily, just enough for the democrats to say "yes we can" and maybe trick some people into thinking that we CAN pass healthcare and be ok.

    This is sad that this is what has become of our great country.
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  3. This country was great in the absence of other 189 countries

    Now that everybody including the 800 pound gorilla wakened, it will never be the same.

    This is not the 1950s or 60s, now everybody wants money, everybody loves capitalism. We should never let them smell the flesh of capitalism.