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  1. I posted a message about a really good book I read and the post was deleted.

    I didn't think I was in some Communist state.

  2. My guess is that you also posted a link. Even a link to amazon will be deleted if the book isn't an ET sponsor.
  3. For best censorship you usually have to go here. :D
  4. Yes.......Magna is the worst. He likes the power of being able the delete threads, it makes his life worthwhile.
  5. traderob


    Do you mean the $300 one you post links to every week. The one that can only be bought from "someones" website. That can't be found on Amazon. That one?

    Forexforex- no links to amzon are deleted UNLESS someone includes their affiliate url, or unless we suspect that the linker is also the writer ...
  6. That is the book. I got the information from another subscriber and simply asked if anyone had read the book.

    Then I did buy it, and offered my comments. Why is that so bad?

    I have read A Random Walk Down Wallstreet, Random Walk Theory, and Market Wizards to name a few.

  7. Aha, harry (aka linda), the randomwalk spammer. Good work, roberk.
  8. Josh009


    ...for when it's not quite spam

  9. lula


    Are the books on options of that mentioned company worth to buy? Do they give you something for the real trading work?
    gretful for any information