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  1. ET is one of the most open forums on the internet, (and obviously prone to NSA query and analysis, and posts by muslims who get paid to type shit on here), yet threads that have anti-chinese posts in them are deleted.

    I am not saying it is ET's fault, actually it isn't, ET doesn't want to be filtered out by countries that have a background of censoring websites.

    You can see all kinds of anti-american and anti-'american government' statements on ET, none of which are censored, why? because US will not filter websites, (instead they will find another legal reason, though silly, to close the site, but even this will hardly happen). What about china, no, those fucking chinks and their ugly, god damn fucking ugly government people will find it offensive and censor it immediately.

    My point is no matter how true that; america is not the most free country in the world, but seeing all this, I am happy that at least I don't live in a country like china, among some wild donkeys, no seriously they are donkeys, even worse, they work harder than a jackass for all their life, for the minimum wage, and they tend to be rude, bold and stupid like donkeys too.
  2. Are you mad about the toy recall?
  3. I'm sure if you criticized China without sounding like a total racist skinhead, ET would leave your posts alone.
  4. Whoa, shouldnt one be?
    You gotta admit, that is one screwed up problem.
    A plastic toy, turning into a serious drug?
    Sure, there made out of petroleum by-products, but i still say it's screwed up in principle.
    If anyone should thoroughly understand the chemistry involved, it would be a toy company.............the likes of which provide marketing services to tobacco corps, and the like.

  5. My point is you can see US criticized by a total racist skinhead, and yet their post will not be deleted. I don't want it to be deleted it either, I'm just saying; that is us compared to chinks.
  6. Looks like inferiority complex. Likely insecure too, like that Catholic, Pat Buchanan.