cell phones that can go online w/o data plan

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  1. what are some good web-ready cell phones that can connect to a dialup isp? i just need something for occasionally reading email directly by phone, but signing up for a data plan is overkill.
  2. any phone with wi-fi will do what you need, like a blackberry or an iPhone - just buy an unlocked device and only use the wifi

    better off to get the full data service package IMO
  3. Surdo


    You can browse the internet and just eat your regular minutes on any Verizon Wireless plan. Any old Razr has a browser, or newer phone. Its $4.95/month to access your regular minutes via the phone's browser.

    Buy an iTouch and use the WIFI for free.

    No cell phone just "connects" to dial up.
  4. thanks for the replies but this is not what i'm looking for. i don't want wifi -- what if i'm in an area that doesn't have wifi?

    surdo you're wrong about the last statement. there are cell phones that can connect to dialup isp as a modem, but afaik they need a laptop to browse the web. i'm looking for a cell that can connect into dialup AND can browse the web from the dialup connection. apparently no one here knows.

    the technology is there to do this, i can't believe there's not a single cell that has this feature(?)
  5. jaley


    nokia used to have this feature, they removed it in 2004. everyone else probably did the same.
  6. I believe that dialup modems are a thing of the past, like floppy discs. The newer DELL laptops require an external modem for dial up access and it's doubtful that a newer cell phone would have a built in dial up modem.