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  1. Need some advice and/or recommendations pls

    I currently have a sprint mobile broadband usb card paying 64$ a month for unlimited data which I use as backup internet for trading and mobile broadband when we travel.

    Also I do NOT have a cell phone at this time.

    What I would like to do is cancel the sprint broadband and get a verizon cell phone (joining my family's plan) that would have an unlimited data plan AND be able to use that phone as a backup wireless internet hub.

    OR alternativley I could swap my sprint usb card for a sprint mifi (200$)and try to use a voip program on my itouch (possible??)

    Basically what I want is the ability to have backup wireless internet but also mobile trading quotes and a also phone for the 64$ cost I am currently paying.

  2. I know people who have those mini-routers and they don't put out much for bandwidth.

    For being on the road I like the Sprint mobile broadband usb adapter; it's served me well for a very long time.

    If you go with anything else, I think you're going to be disappointed in the bandwidth. My advice is to find someone who has it and go do some trading on it to see how you like it.
  3. I am using a droid x with a $20 a month charge to use it as a wifi hotspot ( that is additional to unlimited data plan for $30. ) It can handle 5 devices. Use it for a laptop. I have experienced a few dropped wifi connections but nothing serious came right back.
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    You can still get the original Droid w/ unlimited data plan and tether it laptop w/o spending the extra 20/month
    Added mine to family plan. Unlimited text/message/data $70/month total. Could get the Droid free direct from Motorola w/ 2yr sign up recently.