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  1. What type of cell phone should I get for international travel in Europe?

    I would imagine it would be an unlocked GSM quad band phone.

    Unlocked so that you can use a local SIM card. GSM is the most commonly used network technology. Quad band would allow the phone to work on more networks.

    Are there any other specifications I should look for?

    And where should I buy it? Someone told me unlocked phones are cheaper in Europe than the US.

    Thanks for any advice you may have on this.
  2. Last few times I've gone over there (Italy, France, Switzerland, New Zealand) we took our normal ATT phones (blackberry & iPhone) which ATT unlocked for us. We bought pre-paid sim cards over there and it was just "OK".

    We ended up getting some bills and stuff from ATT over it. You can buy a cheap-o pre-paid phone for like $50 over there that's a phone + SIM which is a pretty good option. They will be all over at the airports and major train stations.

    It's a shame that they don't make dual-sim phones (i mean cool ones like iPhone or decent android).

    The last time we went we didn't even buy sim cards we just used the wifi to talk on Skype and make calls.
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    Using a BlackBerry Bold, and swapping out the simcard when I get to Europe (GSM)...Never have any problems. Used it all over southern Eu and Scandinavia.

    I bought my BB through Sprint, lots of second-hand BB's for sale there, or probably anywhere (eBay etc.). Mine is quad band, most newer phones are, I'd say.

    BB Bold screen is small, but works great for texting (and talking, of course).
  4. Buy a throw away when you get there and throw it away in the trash can at the airport when you leave.
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    New Zealand? Is that between Transylvania and Bavaria?
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