Discussion in 'Stocks' started by SiSePuede!, May 31, 2007.

  1. The original thread got moved to the Options category since it was about Puts...but this was a great short as well. I have Puts, but the stock is broken.

    It has broken quite a bit below a rising trendline that was previously in play.

    Even Cramer's pumping of it didn't help much. :D

    Thanks BuyLoSellHi for the original pick.
  2. It's really breaking down now, with a very bearish chart.

    I can honestly see it touching the near 50 area here (but I'll take $55, which isn't too far off).

    7 lower lows today, alone.
  3. I sold a 25% stake of my position, 33% in a few weeks isn't much to sneeze at. Thanks. :D
  4. Crames , I call him "Crames" , is pumping it again, so you know.
  5. He has been for a week or so...the stock saw a $.50 pop both times he mentioned it and it closed lower. Fuck that guy, he's an idiot. :D
  6. I call him the best fade ever. I can't wait until he comes out with his new list of 'winners of the new world.'