Celeron Vs. P4

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by rs7, Jan 16, 2003.

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    I am sick of having my 20" monitor taking up so much space.

    And my computer is getting kind of old (P3, 500mhz).

    So, thinking of downsizing. Went into a Gateway Country store today. Left knowing as much as I knew when I got there.

    Maybe (probably) my biggest mistake is not knowing the right questions to ask. But that's me with computers.

    I do NOT use my home computer to trade. I use it to go online, and for word processing and e-mail.

    So what, if any, advantage does a p4 give me over the celeron. Is it worth the difference in price?

    I can get a new computer with a flat panel monitor, or a laptop. I think the laptop would have some convenience. But they cost more. (not sure how much more....a bit, at least).

    I also plan on getting a wireless network. Right now, I am on DSL, and my son, who uses his computer mostly for gaming, is on dial up. (he has his own phone number, and the dial up is free). Guy at Gateway said a complete setup would be under $200. Sound right?

    Thanks for any input.

  2. first dude you definitely want a flat panel. about a 17 incher is great (forget 15). can't live w/o a flatpanel, they are beauts. a 17" samsung is one of the best and will set you back about 600 bucks. crisp crisp text. you'll luv it. nothing to a rich man like yourself:D

    now on the issue of the proc, get a P4 (or an athlon. even better. i use athlons only, fast reliable, and cheaper than intel. what else do you want) not cutting edge but close to the top. almost as cheap, faster, and better hedge against obsolescence.

    get a fast big hard drive (your wife 'l luv it:D) ...oh hell build your own dude ...save 35% over retail. it's easy.
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    Yeah, I am just the guy to do it...I am not even sure which end of a screwdriver to hold:)

    Peace FPC, good to see you back!


    PS why is the AMD a "hedge" against obsolescence"?
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  6. no you misunderstood, the amd is not the hedge but a faster proc (intel or athlon) is a better hedge than an 'ol celeron with outdated architecture. IOW, get something only a few levels down from the top of the line, better price point.

    for instance i think something in an athlon 2000 (or so) is priced sweet at this time. at some point the price will jump a big notch so you wanna get something fast right below this point.

    here's a GREAT place to roll your own... www.newegg.com

    prices on almost everything are some of the cheapest and service is second to none
  7. wow nk that don't look too bad for the price:D
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    Faster, you do housecalls? I do have a tool set. Un-opened. Got it as a gift years ago:)
  9. hell yes i luv housecalls. i'm just not housebroken. i might pee on your carpet if i get excited:D
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