Celebs above the law: Tiger Woods cancels 3rd meeting with police.

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  1. Could he get away with leaving the scene of an accident (even if on his own property or just the neighbors), and forever refuse to meet with police?

    It's obvious he's hiding something. Her story has already changed.

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    Now his lawyer did give police proof of insurance, liscense.....minimum required.Adios amigos.

    LAPD dective Mark Furhman [FOX news]noted also ,strange city cops are not involved; highway patrol usually , believe it or nor ''usually patrols highway'', not private gated subdivisions .LOL

    Strange he hit fire plug, tree, 2;30 am,'' no alcohol FL highway patrol says''. Its a Cadillac, so probably not a Toyota accelerator sticking.

    In TN,it depends on amount of auto $$ damage done l
    as to whether one can leave the scene of a crime/accident

    Also, strange apology from mr Tiger,today ;
    not sure what his cryptic apology is for, if not a drunk/drugged/ driver????

    :cool: Well at least his wife knows how to use a golf club;
    & dont think a police interview was required, in that case. Still strange...................................................................................
  3. THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. (AP)—Tiger Woods withdrew Monday from his own golf tournament, citing injuries from a car crash near his Florida home. He said he would not compete again until next year.

    I think we'll be hearing about Tigers "issue" with pain killers in the not too distant future.
  4. Who gives a fuck. Guy crashed. no one injured except driver, no alcohol.

    Why are the cops pushing for an interview. Why all the news hype.

    People crash every day, I see it as I drive in the city.
  5. He doesn't need to provide police with any statement. He simply has to provide them with proof of insurance, registration, and license ... which his agent has already done.

    Case closed.
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    Black guy gets in trouble and the ET righties start salivating. Doesn't matter that he's conservative; he's black and the sharks smell blood in the water. Why else would this nonstory be posted in Politics and Religion instead of Chit-Chat?
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    Who's black, Tiger? 'fraid not.
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    Sorry. “Cablinasian” guy gets in trouble, etc.

    Still, I'd bet the typical white supremicist would call him n***** as quickly as they would any pure African.
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    Apparently, you don't read what you post.

    "Sgt. Kim Montes, the patrol spokeswoman, said Woods is not required to give a statement, only his driver's license, insurance and registration for the SUV, which was towed to a private yard with damage to the front and broken back-seat windows."
  10. He got caught cheatin and wifey 9 ironed his face. She chased him out of the house into his car, broke the glass as he drove away...
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