Celebrities with no education want more money for education

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  1. http://omg.yahoo.com/blogs/a-line/megan-fox-takes-on-the-governator/431?nc

    Megan Fox and Brian Green made this video that makes it sound like if the govenor cuts education kids will be in school without teachers, nurses and eatting nothing but chocolate for lunch. I know this was supposed to be a comedy, but go to their signature page and look at the comments.


    People are already acting like all schools are going to be shut down immediately if these cuts go into effect. I'm betting that if I asked 100 people how much CA spends on education at least 99 people would not know. Heck...I might even have to ask 1000 people before 1 person would know.
  2. This is standard government procedure. If any cuts are ever threatened, immediately start threatening to cut the most vital and visible services.
  3. The US just throws money at the education system as if doing that will automatically make kids smart. It wont. We triple the education budget and we would probably turn out dumber students. Plenty of countries have better education systems yet spend less per student than we do. We should be mirroring those countries, but instead we dictate what can and can not be taught in schools. Maybe if our kids were taught more math and science rather than having guest transexual speakers coming to schools to talk about tolerance,we might have our kids start learning something. The rules at schools today are so ridiculous. At recess children are not allowed to run on the playground. If kids do not have freedom to play the way they want, there will be imbalance and when they get back into the class they will have all this energy pent up and not be able to focus on schoolwork.
  4. That money is definitely better off in Iraq.


  5. Im skeptical that that actually reflects how the budget is proportioned.
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    Can we assume that a large portion of the Pentagon slice (I'm getting hungry) represents taxpayer funded R&D?
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    Education is primarily funded at the local level.