Celebration of liberalism!

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  1. This is an accurate picture of every Friday afternoon in several
    locations throughout NYC where there are mosques with a large
    number of Muslims that cannot fit into the mosque - They fill the
    surrounding streets, facing east for a couple of hours between
    about 2 & 4 p.m. - Besides this one at 42nd St & Madison Ave,
    there is another, even larger group, at 94th St & 3rd Ave, etc.,
    etc. - Also, I presume, you are aware of the dispute over building
    another "high rise" Mosque a few blocks from "ground zero" -
    With regard to that one, the "Imam" refuses to disclose where the
    $110 million dollars to build it is coming from and there is a lawsuit
    filed to force disclosure of that information - November can't come soon enough

    This is in New York City on Madison Avenue, not in
    France or the Middle East or Yemen or Kenya.

    They are claiming America for Allah.
    If we don't wake up soon, we are going to "politically correct"
    ourselves right out of our own country!

    A Christian Nation cannot put up a Christmas scene of the baby Jesus in
    a public place, but the Muslims can stop normal traffic every Friday afternoon
    by worshiping in the streets.... Something is happening in America that is
    reminiscent of what is happening in Europe . This is Political Correctness
    gone crazy...

    "For evil to flourish, all that is needed is for good
    people to do nothing." Edmund Burke

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    This is the result of liberals like Ted Kennedy who sell out the hardworking middle to benefit their corporate masters and buddies.

    We changed from low migration to high migration to keep wages down and weaken the voting block that gets more conservative as it gets older.

    "Just as a reminder, let's make a short list of the immigration policies that Kennedy and his extremely talented staff put into effect:

    The 1965 revamp of the entire immigration system. It ended 40 years of low immigration, got rid of solid numerical caps and opened up chain migration into every overpopulated country in the world, exploding annual immigration numbers.
    Massive expansion of the refugee programs in the late 1970s, opening up massive loopholes and encouraging a domestic resettlement industry that became a major lobby for more and more overall immigration.
    The 1986 blanket amnesty. Kennedy's skills may have been best seen here where he got legislators on our side to agree to the amnesty in exchange for enforcement rules that he made sure were written in a way that would not work. Within a decade, he would be using the inability to enforce the 1986 rules as an excuse for why we needed more green cards and more amnesties. An example of Kennedy's great skill was that he persuaded Ronald Reagan to enthusiastically support this bill.
    The 1990 immigration act, which increased overall immigration by another 35%. The first Pres. Bush was Kennedy's co-partner, just as the second Pres. Bush was Kennedy's eager co-partner in trying to force through another blanket amnesty 2001-2008.
    The 1990 act also established the lottery whereby we randomly give away 50,000 green cards a year to people in countries picked because they have the least ties and cultural association with the United States, and which disproportionately are terrorist-sponsoring countries. This was something of a compromise for Kennedy who was able to ensure that during the first few years, much of the lottery winners would be illegal aliens from Ireland -- his own ethnic group.
    The H-1B visas which have enabled corporations to keep hundreds of thousands of American kids from getting a foothold in the high tech industry.
    The total defeat of liberal civil rights champion Barbara Jordan's blue-ribbon commission recommendations to reduce overall immigration and eliminate chain migration and the lottery in 1996.
    Six mini-amnesties that passed in the 1990s, primarily aimed at specific nationalities."

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    Now it's Muslims in NYC. O Lawdy.
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    And since you let them get away with it, you're also a sick bastard.
  5. Yeah, thousand and thousands of people had a dear friend or family member who died on 9-11. So yeah, it's kind of like, a big deal and stuff...