Celebrate with me, I found a way to trade FX

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    I must admit that FX pairs gave me the biggest headache, stocks and futures are easy by comparison, FX can only be described as pure liquid, you set the stops you try to do damage control, you try to have money management save you etc etc, none works, oh the headache it gave me

    alas finally I found a method to trade any FX pair without any problems, pretty low draw down, 10%, maximum duration of a trade is 3 days

    I am not willing to discuss any other details of my method, I don't trade FX but I had to find a way because it wouldn't let me sleep it had to be solved
  2. Thanks for informing us. Greatly appreciated.

    I baked cookies for you. Would you like one?
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    But how would you get me that cookie, should I pm you my address :)
  4. Yes I would love to celebrate. Specially now that you have mentioned that you are not willing to discuss details, I will celebrate and not tell you how and where and why.

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    I heard over at yahoo chats that you guys at ET are mean, it looks well deserved
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    I am so unhappy I don't care if I wake up tomorrow, good night
  7. Oh crap. Ill have a drink before bed to get over my guilt. But I am not going to tell you what I drank.


  8. So what the hell is the point of your post?
  9. You are not willing to share your method with us then why the hell you are informing us yjat you found a method ?
  10. YAKOHAL.............GET LOST..............crawl back into the hole you came from............
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