Celebrate Fischer Black in NYC with Aaron Brown

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  1. I'm celebrating Fischer Black on November 24th in New York with free t-shirts and books (from me), free food and drink (from Bloomberg). Don't miss it.
    Fischer Black’s two books are being republished, Business Cycles and Equilibrium by Wiley this month and Exploring General Equilibrium by MIT Press in January. If you only know Fischer through Black-Scholes, the Black CAPM Black-Derman-Toy, Black-Litterman and Black Karasinsky, you missed his most controversial work which is detailed in these books.

    Aaron Brown and Bloomberg are celebrating on November 24th in New York with a free event featuring speakers, t-shirt and book giveaways, food and drink. You can sign up using “BU” on Bloomberg or by emailing NASeminar@Bloomberg.net. This event will be oversubscribed, so don’t delay.


    Aaron Brown
    Alethea Black (One of Fischer’s daughters, reporter for Business Week)
    Emanuel Derman (Author of My Life as a Quant, head of Risk at Prisma Capital Partners and the guy between Black and Toy)
    Justin Fox (Author of The Myth of the Rational Market)
    Peter Carr (Head of Quantitative Financial Research at Bloomberg)
    Cliff Asness (Founding principal, AQR Capital Management)
    Peter Coy (Business Week Economics editor)
    Perry Mehrling (author of Fischer Black and the Revolutionary Idea of Finance and the forward to the new edition of Business Cycles and Equilibrium)

    November 24th, 5 PM to 8 PM
    Bloomberg Tower
    731 Lexington Avenue
    New York
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    thx for sharing.

  4. yes
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  6. Stop trying to take away TraderZones's "job". :cool:
  7. Will there be a Chicago event too? :)
  8. nitro


    I would enjoy this. One question though, I divide 180 minutes by 8 speakers, and I get an average of 22.5 minutes of talk time per person. That seems real tight.


  9. Are you attending, Mr.Nitro? Im sure some speakers will talk longer than others, some will just say hi. should be a good time for all.
  10. nitro


    I live in Chicago. If I lived in NY, it would be 100 delta that I attend.
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