CEF's, ETF's or Fund's with double beta

Discussion in 'ETFs' started by rws3z, Jan 6, 2006.

  1. rws3z


    Does anyone know where I can find a list of CEF's, ETF's or Mutal Fund's that mimic the S&P, Dow, Russ, Nasdaq etc.. that have a double beta of the index. So if the index is up 1% the CEF is up 2%; if the index is down 1% the Fund is down 2% etc... I am just looking for a better hedge per average dollar.

  2. While I don't use them for directional bets,
    FUTURES are the best hedge per $ of capital!
  3. Profunds and Rydex both have these accelrated funds which can move double the index move. Funny thing with respect to the other poster is that they actually do use futures and options to get the leverage they need to move double the index. Of coruse this leverage cuts both ways.

    Only mutual fund products like this exist, do not think they have such things for CEF/ETFs

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    I posted a few months back about forthcoming double beta bull and bear ETFs from Profunds, but I haven't heard anything about them since.
  5. What more or less, are you trying to accomplish? Maybe if you gave people some "idea", maybe somebody might have a way to help you with it?
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    I think optioncoach answered my question. I was hoping there would be a cef or etf out there. I figured there would be more demand for an everlasting non-decaying product..

    In regards to Profunds, I spoke with someone who said that there beta +2 and there inverse -2(sp, dow, midcap, russ and nasdaq) are in SEC registration for ETF's but no date on when they would trade.