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    Hey guys,

    I'm new here, and new all around. I just began investing on Monday, but at the direction of a good friend of mine who has done very well for himself in the market using Benjamin Graham's method (I've also recently purchased The Intelligent Investor and plan on giving it a thorough read once it arrives).

    This is all pretty exciting. My stocks have done well, save for one: CDTI. CDTI has been, well, a tease. The first two days I owned it, I made $100 (small time for you guys, I know, but I'm just a student!). I was pretty thrilled. These last three days, however, I've seen it stumble below my point of purchase. Depressing. It's really the only stock I have which seems to be dragging down the rest of my portfolio.

    Now, my stance is that CDTI will be a very good company... one day. Their financials are rough, I know, and Ben Graham probably wouldn't touch it. CAPS has given it a 1 out of 5 rating, and I think it's rated negatively on Thomson Reuters StockReport. BUT! Clean Diesel is part of the next step in cars, I'm sure of it. Diesel hybrids are likely just around the corner, and the fact that CDTI has a 52-week high of $44 gives me pause when I look to sell it. Even if it went to half of that, I'd make a very good profit.

    So, as a humble neophyte in a forum full of experts, I ask for your opinion: Do I cut my losses, or hold on as long as I can bear it?

    Thanks a lot, guys.