CDE grossly undervalued.

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by midlifeguy, Jun 18, 2007.

  1. If you do the math, and silver stays above $11 per ounce over time, this company is going to start registering huge profits.

    Take a look and decide for yourself.
  2. moo


    Would you care to do show that math for the lazy?
  3. Just be careful, I was in this stock 2 times. First time made money like a year and half ago. Second time got stopped out when it broke $4.

    It's either naked shorters or a total lack of faith in their Bolivia property.
  4. I totally agree that the stock is undervalued...however we should be focusing on gold price. CDE broke the $4.00 support due to the decline in gold price couple months ago. I am not Bullish in gold now and therefore even though the stock seems way undervalued, i still wouldn't buy it now.
  5. totally agree if you buy and hold. buy it and don't even look at it for 2 years. with so much garbage PM miners that are never really going to make money this is nice buy here.
  6. You could even sell long term calls against it...say the Jan 2009 7 1/2 calls. You wouldn't be upset if your 7 1/2 calls were exercised.

  7. A heads up on this one, I know that more than a few prop traders that churn this one daily.

    Which might have something to do with it not showing any signs of upward potential.