CCIV (to become LCID)

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    Lucid investor page

    CCIV and Lucid are combining at a transaction equity value of $11.75 billion.

    The transaction includes an approximately $2.1 billion cash contribution by CCIV and a $2.5 billion, fully committed PIPE with an investor lock-up provision that binds holders well beyond closing.
    The PIPE is priced at $15.00 per share with an implied pro forma equity value of $24 billion.

    Page 62

    CCIV shareholders 258.1 million shares
    PIPE shareholders 166.7 million shares
    Existing Lucid shareholders 1,175 million shares

    Total = 1,599.7 million shares

    PIPE is 166.7 million * $15 = $2.5 billion

    The $11.75 billion is probably
    (Existing Lucid shareholders 1,175 million shares * $10)

    The 258.1 million shares for existing CCIV shareholders includes 41.4 million public warrants and 29.57 million founder warrants (at $15 per share).
    Does not include 17.25 million founder shares or 14.78 founder warrants at prices of $20 and above.

    10-Q from November 9
    207,000,000 shares of Class A common stock, and
    51,750,000 shares of Class B common stock, issued and outstanding.
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    https://twitter dot com/DJohnson_CPA/status/1364012354355286017

    Clarifying the valuation of $CCIV -

    1.6B Pro forma shares x $10 deal value = $16B market cap

    $11.75B EV implies $4.25B net cash at close ($2.07B from $CCIV and $2.5B PIPE less fees)

    PIPE is at $15 or 1.5x market cap at $10 a share ($16B)

    Therefore PIPE is at $16B x 1.5 = $24B
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    I was going to short cciv but thought once the lucid news is out stock is going to triple digits, anyway stock is down to $40!!!
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    The merger values Lucid at about $12 billion, but that figure is based on the cash coming in from special purpose acquisition company Churchill. The valuation of Lucid based on Churchill’s stock price Monday is $92 billion based on the 1.6 billion shares that will be outstanding after the merger closes.

    That’s enough to make Lucid—a company yet to sell a car—the fifth most valuable car maker on the planet by market capitalization, worth more than General Motors (GM), NIO (NIO) and BMW (BMW.Germany), among others.
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