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  1. Does anyone use the CCI indicator when trading the eminis?...had some questions for someone that does use it...thanks in advance!
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    sorry, i'm thoroughly confused....i was just providing a link which i thought would be fyi for increasenow...peace
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    CCI is a great indicator, check out woodies work.
  6. Woodie is awesome.
  7. I agree about the CCI being a great indicator.
    If I could only pick one, it would be the CCI.
  8. CCI seems to be a good momentum indicator but it is more difficult to interpret at times versus just a simple macd and stoch arrangement. I think the "rules of usage" are what more clearly defines a system based on t/a indicators anyhow. If you have very well thought out rules and the proper trading mindset you can make many systems work. The main reason I like two indicator trading better than just a CCI is the ability to confirm the "call" from the primary indicator with a secondary indicator.
  9. thanks you find it is more important if the CCI crosses the (-)(+) vlue line or the 0 zero value line...what is more important?...also...what time period is best for CCI?
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