Cci ~~dual Cci Trading Method For Stocks

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    I am starting an ET THREAD for discussion of advanced techniques in trading STOCKs and the FOREX.[br][br] The system as taught by Woodie seems to produce losses almost immediately and surely in the long term. However, when you study the patterns in a serious way, apply nuances and do backtesting on different securities and indices, a modified system shows promise.[br][br]

    So what I want to do is to have a serious discussion relating to this theme and nothing else. If you use the CCI indicator already or if you are looking for a new trading approach where you don't even have to look at the price bars, you are the member that should be actively participating in this Forum.[br][br]

    I sincerely hope you will join us soon. i will be posting some items soon (like a pdf download, a few charts, etc,) to give everybody a basic knowledge of CCI techniques, so that you will be ready for the more advanced discussions that I have planned for the participants.

    I'm on vacattion in Mexico, but I have my laptop with me. The Dual CCI Trading Method gave a BUY signal two days ago TUESDAY Apr 15 while I was in flight to Cancun, I was not able to logg to the Internet and missrd yhe entry point. I just have to wait for a pull back to get in again.

    Here's today's action on charts freely available in the net. It shows one of my trading set ups which we will discuss if this THREAD grows leds,

    Happy Trading to All!
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    This will be very interesting. I have used the CCI to trade
    the indexs with some sucess. Now with two is that twice as
    good? Good trading to you.

  3. Cool, nice charts.
  4. sounded like he had something to sell.
  5. Yeah, and exactly what was he exposed as? I read his posts, and I didn't see anything inappropriate. Looks to me like he got banned for no apparent reason, rather than "he quickly left."
  6. Guys I'm Irish and counting isn't my strong point but... is a 6, 14 and 50 period CCI combination a Dual CCI System?

    Is this an Americanism, like American Football is played with the hands kind of liberal use of wording thingy?

    Confused Irishman