cc+ application for accessing 2 ib (interactive brokers) stations

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by sharktrader, Mar 28, 2002.

  1. hi there!

    i have the following issue to be solved:

    i use 2 ib trader workstations to trade eurostoxx futures on eurex and e-mini s&p's on globex. both workstation are giving up the trades to another clearing member. therefore, only execution goes through ib and no clearing, so i can trade both futures on one station, but i have to use to stations (one for each give-up account).

    can anybody program or has anybody programmed a small c+ or cc+ application where one could trade both contracts for both accounts on one platform? so i could set a percentage ratio for each account in the settings which will then set how many lots of the total lots will be sent through which tradestation/account.

    as i am trading on very short time frames this would be very helpful. so far i have only traded for one account through one station. now, trading for two through to makes it impossible for some short-term trades to trade for both accounts :wtf:(

    thanks a lot for your highly appreciated help and recommendations.