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  1. I have a 7 which I would like to preserve. I am looking for a new prop firm that will allow me to hang my 7. I spoke to several cbsx registered firms and almost all of them state I cannot hang the 7 with them. But one cbsx registered prop trading sponsor here on ET state that they can keep my 7 active. Is this possible? Please don't ask which firm as I don't want to put anyone in the spotlight. thanks
  2. Thank you, thats the best thing to do.
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    Hi, I also would like to take the 7, but as I am not trading with a FINRA firm, I cannot. However, here is a blurb I received from FINRA:

    "The CBOE doesn't hold licensing for all exams, so once the U-4 has been
    submitted by the firm, they must check the appropriate registration
    under CBOE and that exam would need to be completed along with
    submission of cleared fingerprints in order for the information to
    appear on WebCRD. If the appropriate exam has already been completed and doesn't appear on CRD, you'll need to contact the testing
    center(s)(Prometric - 800-578-6273 or Pierson - 866-578-6273) and/or
    FINRA's Gateway call center (301-590-6500) to have the exam(s) listed, as CBOE does not see or enter exam results."