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  1. what do you think of CBST longside?

    CBST reported 4Q08 results. Mgmt has given strong guidance for FY09 with Cubicin net rev expected to be in the range of $520-540 mln. Mgmt gave an update of its clinical pipeline which firm will continue to follow, but not incorporate into their model, until the programs mature. Firm still believes that 100% of CBST's valuation is linked to Cubicin sales. Mgmt believes Cubicin remains on track to becoming a $1 bln drug. Firm believes earnings will be a bit dicey in the near-term, not due to CBST's performance but more so relating to accounting standards that muddy the waters. Firm believes CBST is an ideal name to own and the stock tends to fluctuate between $20-26, which allows for a great trading opportunity for investors.