CBS wants Charlie Sheen Back!

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  2. Jack LaLane - dead.

    Charlie Sheen- lives with porn stars and has a TV show. Having a joint and a beer for breakfast.
  3. I also heard he has been having talks with Fox.
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    Jack= 90+ years old when died
    Charlie= without makeup, looks 90 plus, but in actuallity no where near that.
    Not sure your point. Charlie a dumbass rich guy who will be dead, but I guess enjoyed his life, as opposed to Jack who enjoyed his life and lived to enjoy more.
    Charlie, no clue what he is doing as he is f---ed up on drugs and can imagine he enjoyed himself, but really has no recollection of what really happened, or Jack who knows he had fun and can remember it all.
    Hmm, let me think.
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    "Charlie Sheen Attacks Richards And Dog Dies Posted by Tommy Garrett on Mar 29, 2011 - 12:54:01 PM

    SHERMAN OAKS—Charlie Sheen’s latest Twitter rant was not against the creators and producers of his former hit TV show “Two and a Half Men” or estranged wife Brooke Mueller. This time the focus of his attack was ex-wife Denise Richards, who has in the past months defended Sheen and called him a good father. His attack on Richards came on Monday, when the actor tweeted, “Denise is a traitor and loser whore,” and then followed up by calling her a “dog thief.” "

  6. You think Charlie enjoys his life? Look how angry he is all the time. He beat his ex-wife, he lost his kids, he uses drugs because he is so miserable, ect. What about his life seems so great? That he sleeps with porn stars? Let me tell you that any of you guys with a couple hundred bucks could get those women because thats the type of women they are. The only thing charlie has going for him is a large bank account (that is probably dwindling down as we speak) I cant really think of one other thing he has going for him, can you?
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    What upset Charlie, is that he was told only half the story. Yes, money is power, but there is a certain threshold at which this occurs, and you need to be able to regenerate that money independent of external sources.

    So, Charlie is rich, but not powerful. That pisses him off.
  8. Any dipshit with 150 bucks in his pocket can have a pornstar delivered to his home like ordering pizza.

    The fact that he has to be intoxicated to live life and can only get laid by worn out pornstar hookers on rental pretty much says it all in my book.