CBS/NYT Poll: Obama Approval Up But Dips On Economy.

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    CBS/NYT Poll: Obama Approval Up on bin Laden but Down on Economy

    Wednesday, 04 May 2011 10:59 AM

    By Dan Weil

    Americans are happy with President Barack Obama for his role in the killing of terrorist kingpin Osama bin Laden, a new poll shows. But the CBS/New York Times survey also indicates Americans’ continued opposition to Obama’s economic policy, The Hill reports.

    The president’s approval rating surged to 57 percent in the May 2-3 survey period, up from 46 percent in mid-April. A Newsmax/InsiderAdvantage poll also shows an upward bump in Obama’s approval rating, but only to 47.7 percent.

    As for the economy, only 34 percent of Americans approve of how Obama is handling it, the lowest level of his presidency. And 55 percent disapprove of his economic performance, close to the record high of his tenure in office — 57 percent in mid-April.

    **Just as predicted. He get's a short bump in the polls for Bin Laden, then it's right back to the economy, where he's an abysmal failure. Obama won't be able to drag this on for another 18 months, even though he'll try. What else can Obama campaign on? It won't be passing Obamacare, because the majority of America doesn't want it. In addition, the Supreme Court will kill it with their ruling in mid 2012. It won't be the economy, because it will still be in the tank. It won't be on immigration reform, because he failed to pass anything even though he had supermajorities in Congress for two years. Wall Street reforms? Hardly, and doesn't resonate with voters much.
    In another few months, the country will be all Bin Ladened out, and the failing economy will be right back in Obama's face. Oh, and not to mention $5-6 dollar per gallon gas prices. The only hope he has for getting re-elected is another terror attack, natural disaster, etc.... Anything to take the voters minds off the economy!!!! :D

    Oh, and btw, when Obama continues his Bin Laden victory tour at New York's ground zero on Thursday, will he remind the crowd that he still supports the building a mosque near the ground zero site?????