CBS News Disaster, Fox News Outdraws In Key Markets

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    Norah O'Donnell's debut in the storied CBS News anchor chair was a bit of a dud apparently. Ratings were down and, shockingly, Fox News' Brett Baier newscast at 6:30 outdrew CBS in most major markets.

    I honestly do not know anyone under the age of 80 who watches the evening news anymore anyway. It's even more irrelevant than the morning newspaper. At least the paper mixes in sports scores, advice columns, crosswords and comics with the relentless far left propaganda.
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    Tony Stark

    CBS news has a lot of competition for left wing viewers.Fox has a monopoly on right wing viewers.
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  3. A dud-fest.

    send her back too.
  4. LOL. To Ireland? Her husband runs a string of very successful restaurants in the DC area. The flagship is called Chef Geoff's, on New Mexico near AU. Worth a visit if you're in DC and looking for a good reasonably priced restaurant. You won't see her there, but you might see him.
  5. Been to the one in Tyson's, very good. Did not know she was married to Geoff.

  6. Does anyone even watch 7PM news except older folks sitting at home just before bedtime? In addition to relative ratings I would love to see total viewers of FOX and CBS, it is like really low.
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    The median age of a Fox News viewer is 65 and 94% white.
  8. Quite a few of them are Americans too.

    An audience that your media does not attempt to reach.
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  9. FOX should send them all back
  10. You won;t see her there, YET.

    She may be washing dishes there in six months, or six weeks, whichever comes first.

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