CBS exposes Obama administration lies about blocking Fox News

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  1. "The Obama administration now claims it did not try to exclude Fox News from Thursday's round of network interviews with pay czar Ken Feinberg. A treasury department spokesperson claimed, "There was no plot to exclude Fox News, and they had the same interview that their competitors did. Much ado about absolutely nothing".

    Unfortunately for the Obama administration, four other networks are fully aware of the situation and have proof that the treasury department is lying. Fox did have the same interview as their competitors, only because the other networks came to FNC's defense. They refused to do the interviews with Feinberg unless Fox was given the same opportunity.

    Fox News Channel is not the only network reporting on this story. CBS Evening News with Katie Couric did a full length story on the ongoing feud, with reporter Chip Reid describing the other networks' decision to standup to the White House bullying. “All the networks said that’s it, you’ve crossed the line,” Reid reported."

    Baltimore Sun media critic David Zurawik, who is a frequent detractor of Fox News, was appalled by the White House's blacklisting of Fox. "What it's really about to me is the Executive Branch of the government trying to tell the press how it should behave. I mean, this democracy -- we know this -- only works with a free and unfettered press to provide information," Zurawik said."
  2. Okay, we are waiting on the defense of these fascists from the far left here. Lets hear it.
  3. Maybe there is hope for us after all.
  4. Maybe there are a few in the press who will actually fill their true role in our democratic republic afterall. - - - Either that, or they saw that they could very well be next to be targeted.
  5. I hope so, they are definitely pissing off a lot of Americans.
  6. We all know that government lies. But this Obama administration is something else.

    They lie more than I've ever seen.... then want to hammer those who expose their lies.

    Electing Obama was a huge hoodwink and mistake... better wake up America...
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  8. Could be the best thing to happen to us in the long run since now the Democrats are exposed for what they really are.

    Before they could do what they pleased and blame the Republicans for the disasters they created, housing bust, failures in the Middle East, out of control spending etc.

    Just hope we can keep the Nukes from going off before he is gone.
  9. Obama =Hugo Chavez... these communists don't seem to grow up right, they don't seem like grown ups to me. If they pull some bullshit power play and it fails, they lie about it, if it works, they never give the power back... that's a mentally unhealthy approach to life really...
  10. And a dangerous one for the rest of us.
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