CBRX is up by 20%, like DNDN

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by qll, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. qll


    Search CBRX on ET for my reasons. No time to post here now. Got to go to trade it.

    It could move like DNDN
  2. jo.m


    Any idea why it dropped like a rock from a close of 4.61 on 020407 to a close of 1.48 on 020507? According to my technical indicators, it was set up to go up to 6.47 on the Daily chart, and then it fell like that. I'm wondering if it will now zoom back up to its original target. I think you may be right about it being like DNDN.

  3. DNDN is DONE. LOL Just had to post it...
  4. NO it isnt

    DNDN is denderon
  5. qll


    this has been up and down quickly. Look today's drop didn't hit yesterday's low at 1.63. And it quickly bounces back to 1.7+.

    i have watched the lows are getting higher and higher slowly, suddnely yesterday it hits new high and broke previous high around $1.75. The $1.75 high was due to a Conference Call.
    After that, we can see somebody is buying it like crazy!

    I did the same thing with LNY around 4.2 when I found a oversold stock is bought by somebody. Later Clinton group filed 13D and 4. It was up 70% within 2 months.

    I am not sure who is buying CBRX and why. Looking to find somebody filling 13/D soon with SEC. Not me though.
  6. qll


    1.9 now. the lows are keeping getting higher. somebody is sucking shares.
  7. qll


    2.07 now, up another 9%!!!!
    follow me. my picks are flying.
    the next runner will be AWX which will give you 50-100% gain within 3-9 months.
  8. qll


    up to 2.7 now. feel like a king