CBOT to Eurex March Future Rolls

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by 12B, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. 12B


    Anyone have any colour on how this will shake out? If an institution is long CBOT March Futures and wants to switch to Eurex, how will the roll take place? Will there be market-makers/arbitrageurs making spreads between the two exchanges?

    Does anyone think the March rolls will be a significant opportunity for Eurex to pick up mkt shr?


  2. Hi 12B,

    Good question. I didn't trade any EUREXUS yet but I look once in a while at TNL on my IB screen, comparing it with ZN. I would say that volume picked up to about 50% of ZN, at least going by the "Cum Size" as displayed in MD.

    Checking the trading hours at EUREXUS, TNL should be trading practically all day and night. Funny with IB seems to be the "Last Price" field for TNL. It often stays yellow with a C prefix which normally means closed. Today it started moving at 08:20 EST.
    I'll wait and see.

    Be good,

  3. Adding one more thing about TNL,

    From IB streams, it would appear that actual trading is very low. The volume as displayed on the DM seems to be posturing.

  4. Can only see very low volume (160) for TNL JUN04 with IB data feed.