Cbot seat prices/ New exchange

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by robustdeus, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Anyone know the reason seat prices have fallen so much? When the news of the new exchange hit the prices fell dramatically. I also heard rumors that they were bid up this summer to thwart a takeover atempt by ice.

    Iam going to buy a seat in the next 6 months, Its a strange market and I have no idea when to buy one.

    I think this new exchange has a chance to suceed if the banks involved force their traders to use it.
  2. Prices are still above the level where they rallied from in the summer. I think they will probably drop back further.
    It's a crazy market to watch. You would have thought that it would be highly efficient but it has much less predictability than ebay.
    The summers rally was very sharp, the sell off has been smoother I think. I too will probably be buying in the future. I'm quite happy to rent for the foreseeable though until prices fall further.
    The threat of the new exchange is a minor concern -so many have failed in the past afterall, but I think that buying memberships like this is outdated. In some ways I think the US is surprisingly still behind Europe when it comes to electronic trading.