CBOT not available on IB all day!

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  1. IB customers cannot trade CBOT for the entire day according to message from Interactive Brokers. They are blaming it on the exchange.

    Anyone with another broker able to trade CBOT today or can you confirm IB's accusation than the CBOT is at fault?
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    I know that I had to have a new TT gateway installed last night.
  3. the bulletins from cbot say its almost everyone,not just ib
  4. I can see the interest rates trading though. Seems like just the grains that is having trouble.

    I guess they finally realized the bonds are too much of a revenue driver that they decide to put it in a better server.
  5. e-CBOT Agricultural Markets opening will be delayed until 10:30 AM CST to coincide with the grain open auction markets. The e-CBOT Agricultural Markets will remain in the Pre-Open state until the opening. If you have any questions contact Market Operations at 312-347-4600.

    CME Group
    20 South Wacker Drive
    Chicago, IL 60606 USA
  6. Routing to CBOT is down, not the ECBOT.....as I understand it.

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    Amateur hour...here's an idea...do updates on the weekend!

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    I got an email from another broker saying both would be down until 10:30 Chi time.

    How come Globex and Nymex never go down but CBOT is unreliable? They're like the AMEX of futures exchanges. Hopefully the merger will favor the CME technology and not CBOT.
  9. Both aren't down....all you have to do is look at your quotes. Bonds and notes trading on ECBOT. YM trading. Looks like corn, wheat and beans are not trading (but will be on ECBOT at 10:30 CST).

    Evidently there is a problem with the routing to the CBOT. That has nothing to do with ECBOT.

    Again, that's how I understand it.

  10. Grains now trading on ECBOT.

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