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  1. I look at the Gold and Treasury markets and they are about to make big moves in the next few weeks. The mini Gold (A/C/E:YG)looks like a great instrument for small traders, since the tick value is only worth $3.32 per contract and liquidity is good. Where can I learn more about trading the Gold market? It doesn't seem to trade like FX, certainly not equities and can have very nasty moves like the huge drop of last week.
    I am looking for a trading vehicule for the bond market but this mini 10 year note futures (A/C/E:YN)doesn't seem very active or liquid. Have you tried it?

    Do you know any other commodities on the move with mini contracts ?
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    there is not volume in the mini treasuries. You need to use the regular ones.

    Why do you say its in for a big move now? You just missed bonds going from 109 straight to 114 in a couple of weeks. You think they are ready to sell off again? New contract highs were made yesterday..
  3. There are mini contracts for crude and nat gas but they have big spreads relative to their big contract brethren unlike the SP indexes. There are also other ones like corn,etc but they trade infrequently. Go to each exchange and check out their new e prodcuts like NYBOT e coffee. but again spreads and liquidity

    The 10 yr is pretty liquid as wel as the 5 's
  4. I can't get charts (delayed) for emiNY crude oil and nat gas anywhere , same with mini soybean, wheat and corn from CBOT.
    Bonds are in some sort of triangle on the weekly chart it's clear to me that we should see a breakout that maybe started yesterday this BO should either be a false one or continuation either way it should move significantly soon, especially with the Iraq situation.
  5. QM: Crude Oil (LSCO)
    QG: Nat Gas (HH)

    These are NYMEX contracts, but for technical reasons trading on GLOBEX. Spread for QM is often 1 or 2 ticks, when thy trade side-by-side with regular CL contracts (Open Outcry, NYMEX). Trading hours are sligthly different from regular CL contracts.

    You will find charts only for regular contracts CL and NG.


    CBOT Symbols (regular & electronic & mini):

    US & ZB & YH = T-Bonds
    TY & ZN & YN = 10 Yr Notes

    ZB and ZN should be liquid, the minis probably not. US and TY are Open Outcry (CBOT).
  6. Can't wait for NYMEX to offer oil and gas minis so we can do them spreads !
  7. Is there a way to get free real time data for any of these contracts? I decided to no longer subscribe to any provider for equities since I avoid daytrades. Is it safe to trade commodities with 10min. delayed data if my horizon is 2-5 days ? I hate to place market orders for trade entry so I 'llhave to use the delayed quotes and bid several ticks ahead of the market.

    In the case of commodities, what 's the best way to handle limit moves, do you enter a GTC market order and wait for an execution or you wait for a retracement to exit?
  8. Best way to handle limit moves is to maybe have out of money options as protection. I can't think of any other protection for limit moves other than that.
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  10. Does anyone trade the mini notes and bonds with IB? I can't seem to find the proper symbol. Looks like bonds are on the move again...
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