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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by r-in, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Ok, yes I did a search and I openly admit I am possibly the worlds worst searcher, but I didn't find the fees here, although I thought I just saw them within the last week posted here. I also went to the CBOT's site, but was somewhat baffled by what they were showing for fees. So With whatever abuse fellow ET'ers deem necessary could someone let me know what the roundtrip fees are for trading the ym with a IDEM lease? Saw a presentation the other day that indicated you could breakeven at a very minimal number, but I don't think it took into consideration all factors, so I want to run my own numbers.
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    Thanks Kate. In looking at that IDEM is Level b-4 so do I interpert it correctly that it shows .35 per side for the mini Dow?
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    That is for exchange and NFA fees for a leased seat. A little less if you own the seat - saves you an extra dime per side if you own the seat I believe. Then you have to add clearing and commissions. And then of course there is the lease rate which I believe is about $135- $150 per month at current prices. There is also a non-refundable one time fee that you also have to pay to the CBOT - I forget what it is, $2K I think.

    I calculated the number of RTs per month that I needed to do in order to make it worthwhile and it is not that many RTs.

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    Thanks also Nitro. Seat leases for IDEM are down to $87 now and if I read it correctly $1500 in up front leasing fees. I also got the impression from another thread that I'd need to consider Soc sec tax as it was mentioned that leasing or owning brings that into play. What I have seen so far it really is a minimal amount of r/t's to get to b/e or better on the intial costs.