CBOT hike fees June 1st despite record volumes

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Dogfish, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. Dogfish


    More money grabbing from the exchanges and the most common headline on their website - "Another record volume day"

    2yr/5yr /10yr/30yr Treasury Notes an increase of $0.08 cents a side

    Mini Dow an increase $0.10 cents

    $10 Dow an increase $0.10 cents

    Big Dow $25 an increase $0.20 cents

    Agricultural Products an increase $0.35 cents

  2. i guess they need to get their greed level up to speed for a cme merger
  3. nice to see the CBOT metals have not been affected by this

  4. I can't find the increase for the non-members...am I wrong? :confused:
  5. Dogfish


    All I know is that tnote has gone from being 54c a side all in at best rate my prop firm offers to 8c a side more and whereas I was paying $2 a roundtrip all in in the ags I'll now be paying $2.70. The 62c a side in YM has gone up to 72c a side :mad:

    cbot gold is still seems a bargain 22c a side at best rate we're offered
  6. If you think this is bad, just wait for the merger :eek:
  7. Dogfish


    Whatever happened to economies of scale and cost efficiencies of mergers, this is supply/demand gone skew-whiff :confused:
  8. This is what happens when you go public, Interactive Brokers will soon be raising rates.
  9. TonyYayo


    Actually in this case it's almost the opposite. When they merge, they will have a monopoly on a lot of products and so can effectively charge whatever they want because they will be a bigger force to compete with. Right now I imagine CBOT's rates are what they are bc they have to remain competitive with CME, and vice versa. ie if CME lowers the ES rate by .10, the CBOT will be prudent to do the same with their YM rate. Well after a merger there will be less competition like that. They'll have all of the US stock indices under one name, all of the fixed income under one name, their own metals products to compete with NYMEX's Globex's crude to compete with ICE's etc..
  10. Urkel


    ****in joke....greedy ****s
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