CBOT Grains -what a joke!!!

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  1. So after the news this morning, someone put the beans, corn and wheat limit bid, right up until a minute before the open.
    Corn and wheat finish the day negative. They never traded the limit prices.
    WTF do these spoof bids do for market integrity?
    Perhaps it's time that the employees at the CBOT put down their crack pipes and had a think about market efficiency. They're probably already behind the Chinese exchange but maybe someone there might think about regulating the traders who are making the market a farce before the game is well and truly up.
  2. are you saying you couldn't make money trading grains today?

    fwiw they practically threw money out the windows today at anyone who made half an effort to hit the signals there
  3. Did this somehow cause you a loss? I'm not sure what your complaint is.
  4. FWIW I made money in the grains today, not that it's relevant.
    Maybe I made more money than you smart arse.

    I just don't understand why they let people put in orders that they aren't good for. How is that not a valid complaint?
  5. well, perhaps it was the cause of that world-class volatility?

    fwiwII: why complain if you made big money? just go with it, and hope for more of the same tomorrow :cool:
  6. <i>You</i> know which firms put in which orders, and what their balance sheets are?
  7. They are putting in orders that they don't want filled and they know aren't going to be filled..
    You know what I mean. It's a simple enough issue.
    Personally I was pissed off that this manipulation wrong footed me on the open -but it's not about me.
    Why does the CBOT allow some clown to bid 1000+ lots at the limit price when they have no intention of being there on the open?
    It happens every single day to a lesser extent.
    It's a very simple issue.

    Compare this -if you try doing something similar in the Eurex market you will get a call from their surveillance department. Now why on earth would Eurex do something like that?
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    It was clear before the open at 9:30 that they weren't going to be limit up across the board, if at all.
  9. So sell 'em the 1000 lots pre-open already. Teach 'em a lesson they'll never forget.
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    they are actually starting to crack down on this.
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