CBOT Grains Trading Contest

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  2. That looks like a larf, cheers.
  3. its actually a good idea ... marketingwise

    does not cost them too much to get some exposure and possibly
    new customers to their platform and company

  4. Yeah, didnt even look it up (until like an hour or 6 ago), i just assumed another 3 day/week arrangement daytrading the es or some rubbish.
    That, just is'nt fun , to me.

    To me, this sounds like fun, whats not to like? I have nothin better to do , obviously, but besides that, seems a right larf, innit.
  5. This sounds like a blast!!!
  6. cml2949


    thanks im in .. just filled out the forms for it ..
  7. I signed up but they were having so many problems in the first week, I gave up. They had me long when I was short and short when I was long and then they just stopped responding to my questions. First place last week was well over $600K.

    They are promoting Onyx and as far as I'm concerned they can keep it.
  8. Oh. That doesn't bode well.

    Down from $600k, sounds like they plumped the lot on soybeans and compounded-hope they show the trade logs, but if their that dodgy perhaps they wont.
    Maybe the leader thought they were selling beans:p
  9. cml2949


    Hi all.. I got in the contest, but made less than 10 trades the whole month .. Didn't put as much time into as I planned to. I shorted a lot of wheat though which helped.. I got an email saying I was in the top 20, but who knows how many people are in it...
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