Cbot Down!!!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by chewbacca, Aug 23, 2007.

  1. wtf
  2. Everytime this happens the es rallys to squeeze the shorts on the ym. Hedge it if you are holding.
  3. Must be the lack of voulme, just shut it down boys.
  4. Hedge with DIA, screw es.
  5. Gee when is IB going to flash their notice.
  6. i didn't trade ym during the meltdown in the past 3 weeks - did ecbot ever go down during the meltdown......i figured it'd be going down and its too much risk to trade it when you have 100 point moves every 10 minutes so i just traded es......crazy, why is globex so much more stable than ecbot.
  7. fseitun


    funny that CBOT goes down the they CME and CBOT announced the completed merger.

    it really makes investors more confident
  8. maxpi


    I was flat when it went out, break time....
  9. fseitun


    same here, just exited a long position.

    i was flat the other couple of times it went down this year.

    i guess next time i am due for a brutal rape by CBOT.
  10. LT701


    it's what you get when you only hire H-1bs from India
    #10     Aug 23, 2007