Cbot Down? - Ym Down???

Discussion in 'Index Futures' started by hawkman418, May 31, 2005.

  1. any of your YM trades going thru???
  2. • 5/31/2005:eCBOT Mini Dow Jones is currently offline.
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    deemed reliable, but cannot be guaranteed.
  3. just came back up? ..11:21am east coast time.
    had a 200 buck profit ...when i put my sell order in. then changed it to market when it didn't go thru...looked at my market order 3 mins later still didn't go thru then called my broker and told me CBOT was down...now i'm out with 20 bucks profit...but i lost 80 in an earlier trade...:mad:
  4. Did you get a notification of any kind? I was in a ym trade and my platform covered at 11:09:43 while I was out which is after your first post so it must have been ok at that time.
  5. Not here. YM was never down today.

  6. Same here. This is probably a broker-specific problem.
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    sounds like Hawkman is trading at a bucket shop

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  9. it may be a bucket shop but it's all i could find to fit my needs/situation.

    I am with gofutures(farr financial). commissions are 4.30 for ES and 4.58 for YM per round turn(divide in half to get per side). their platform is the only one that works for me behind a corporate firewall and they also have $500 daytrade margins. I use quotrek for my signals via my treo 650.
    i am just a pathetic accountant looking for some extra pocket change:cool:

    if you have a better broker to suggest, please let me know..
    my requirements are cheap commission, $500 margins for minis, and a trading platform that works behind a corporate firewall.

    i've opened accounts with lionfutures and global futures and i couldn't get their platforms to work...i also can't download java software on to my computer.

    i've done searches on this site but most are using ib.

    i have noticed "www.5perside.com" but commissions are double and i don't know if they have 500 buck margins for the minis.
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    I'm just kidding around. Don't take anything I say seriously.

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