CBOT delays

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  1. Is anyone else experiencing extremely heavy delays and mismatched pricing between platforms on ZGM06 this morning? The prices on my ts chart don't match IB by a wide margin

    It looks like silver is essentially frozen as well. gold keeps jumping up and down. paints a very pretty picture, but i don't see any of these trades in IB
  2. yes, i'm experiencing them too.
  3. Yeah...YM is a train wreck too
  4. esignal says its an issue at CBOT
  5. yep...can't trade.
  6. it was all fine until gold started moving vertically through 595, then whammo .. everything frozen
  7. gold worked its way back to some highs, crb turns up, eq paints down ... then cbot prices go offline again just now and make a dramatic fictitious spike down on zg. stuck again

    where are these fictitious prints coming from, ZG 591.80 at 13:19 est, while IB prints 592.80

    is this some kind of joke cbot?
  8. My esignal feed into Ensign wasn't working for INDU yesterday at market start for about an hour. Was it connected with the start of Summer Time? Today I heard from a broker source that some of the market feeds were giving bad prices.
  9. that was diff, i think cboe indices were down for a good part of yest morning

    but my zgm06 time and sales is shooting out huge bursts of volatile trading that tws just isn't showing in the slightest. chicago board of trade having some very unusual probs today
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    Bulletin sent by CBOT ...

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