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    Can anyone advise where I can obtain the daily open/hi/lo/close/vol data for wheat futures - say for the past 1 month ?

    Does cbot maintain such data ? I could only see the previous day's data.
  2. http://www.futuresource.com/charts/charts.jsp?s=WK07

    Scroll down to the chart resources box, look at the last bullet

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    Free signup. Hope that helps.
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    Thanks for your response. I do have futuresource, but I don't think the volume is included.

    Are there other sources available ?
  4. http://cbotdataexchange.if5.com/

    I'd look elseware though before you pay for data from CBOT, as I think there is freedata somewhere out there... Have you tried opentick?
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    In the same vain, does anyone know a good source for CBOT ag futures tick data for the night session (from 7.30pm est on)?

  8. Maybe this will help, save this link to past data on everything.