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  1. Does anyone know how to access the counterparty information for the CBOT like you can for the CME? People at a couple of shops in the Chicago area are telling me that I am behind the times because they DO have this information.
  2. I want to know about this too, if someone knows please speak up.
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    I know there are pit traders that use the screen (mostly spreaders) who call their clearing firms after they have made the trade on the screen and find the counterparty. I am pretty sure they can't see it on TT. I'm not sure if you can instantly call them and they will know the counterparty, but I would imagine within a couple minutes or so they would have the information.
  4. Thanks for the reply, I know I can call my clearing firm and get the info a few minutes later, but I don't know if they allow that after all my trades, and sometimes a few minutes is too long. The only reason I am asking about the info in TT, is because I have heard of firms that have found ways to see this info in X-trader relatively soon after they have made their trades.
  5. The counter party field is a part of the common-clearing data, so the data coming from CBOT and CME for clearing is the same. There are firms (and systems) that coverts the CCL (common-clearing link) data directly into the TT execution data in real-time (one of my developers used to do the conversion for TT, but hey, I am not on the ibank side anymore), so it is possible.

    If you need the data, ask your clearing firm for extract of the CCL data (be specific) for your account numbers only, they should be able to provide that either throughout the day or after the market closes. Then it is just a matter of looking through the data for the counter party (clearing firm number). There is a spec on the CME clearing web site somewhere.

    If you need specifics, I can ask the developer who used to work in my group.
  6. Thanks. I think that's what I am looking for, I will ask my clearing firm if they can do that for us. I just think that the transparency of the markets is not that great thing that it was a few years back. There are too many "cowboys" out there that take advantage of it. Having that kind of info in near real time would definitely help.