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    corn price has gone up massively from Aug 2020.
    then down massively from May 2021.

    it seems like it has found its comfort zone.
    It will probably move within a small range over the next
    few days. corn.png
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  2. agreed. Harvest has been priced in, it'll take significant change in next S. Am. season expectations for a big swing.
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  3. West Texas oil ($WTIC) breaking out at $78, 7 year high.
    Do you think that is priced in too?
    How much diesel is required to plant and then harvest 1,000 bushels of corn?
  4. BKR88


    Fuel costs are a small portion of expenses for corn production.
    Takes 2-3 gallons of diesel per acre so $6-10 per acre. Corn production in Iowa costs $250-300 per acre so diesel cost is ~3% of input costs.

    ***Most attention the next few months will be SA weather.
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