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Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by redbull13, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. I was hoping someone could explain this to me:

    On the CBOT's website I was looking at a daily chart of OU6. This meant that the month was set to Sep and the year was set to 2006. However, if you change the month to All and year to - the chart looks much different and instead of saying OU6 on the chart, it says %O. What is the difference, and what should I consider when putting on a trade? Thanks in advance.
  2. I looked at the site, I'm guessing that the "all months" averages the highs lows and closes of all the traded contracts - just my guess - but maybe that is why you get such a huge gap, a few days ago on that chart. If you are a technician I'd stick with the month you are seeking to trade. If you are looking for an all months historical chart MCRI.com has one for OATS, you will see they are quite historically high priced right now.

    AS long as I've been trading commodities, I've never known anyone who has ever traded OATS, its such a funny little market with low vol and low interest, but has been around for quite some time. Best of luck on your OATS trade.
  3. What you were looking at was probably a "continuation" chart. The chart rolls from the front month to the next month after expiration of the front month. During July 2006, the July-2006 Oats appeared to be trading at a large premium to the September-2006 Oats. When the July expired, there appears to be a big downmove. That isn't correct. You should look at the Sep-06 by itself.
  4. Appreciate the info guys. Good trading.