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  1. Hi to everybody,
    I am interested in trading some grains and oils,but i never before i traded that,and I need some help to someone with experience in this markets.
    I am interested specially in:

    mini soybean
    mini wheat
    rough rice(I think there aren´t mini)
    mini NY crude oil
    mini gas natural
    mini gold
    and some metals

    And my questions are;
    What is the warranty for this markets in IB?specially the minis.

    How many can I win/loss in thie markets in a normal vollatility day,they have very big and danger range,or no? (specially the minis)

    They have a big spreads in bid offer?

    And all the good information will be very apreciated.
    Thanks a lot
  2. mini Wheat, Corn & Soybean have no volume! Play at your own risk.

    mini Crude and soybean oil are fine but very volitile.
  3. Mini crude and nat-gas is fine to play with but the Mini-ags are horrible with volume and spreads.

    Just trade a little more size and trade the better, "big" contracts (5,000 bushels vs. 1,000 in the minis).
  4. do not trade mini crude..spread is large fillssuck..trade uso instead

    uso etf