CBOE Variance Futures

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  2. sle


    How do I attach an XLS file here? Wanted to post the sample strategy, but for some reason it is not appearing!
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  3. Post -> attach file.
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  4. sle


    Ok, here we go. Apparently, the file was too big, so now it is compressed.
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  5. Thanks for the sheet.
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  6. Jgills


    agreed - thanks for the sheet
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  7. Thank you sle for the detailed analysis and the invaluable explanations in this thread.
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  8. sle


    You are all welcome. I will try to continue tomorrow - I am stuck at home with a flu and need something to occupy my head.
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  9. It was a horrible bug. I've had it for 8-days as it runs through the family. Astragalus extract works wonders, but it must be taken early and often. Echinacea is worthless with viral infections.
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  10. ktm


    I have perhaps a noob question.

    In the CBOE docs, there is some text that seems to explain that any "disruptive event" (defined in the text but essentially a flash crash or perhaps trading curbs depending on how you read it) will be excluded from the final calculation.

    Is this of any concern with this product?
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