CBOE SPX feed into IB?

Discussion in 'Options' started by TskTsk, Apr 16, 2012.

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    On the CBOE website it says the SPX index has pretty high options volumes, not sure if this is right but on IB I see no volume or no market makers (bid ask) for the CBOE SPX options? What am I doing wrong? The contract Im looking at is "SPX Jun'12 @GLOBEX" on IB.
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    SPX is still on the floor so the quotes you see are indicative. You will get filled at much better prices than you see on the screen. Weekly spx is electronic so prices will be narrower.
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    I got quotes in optiontrader for spx jun 14th. 4000 lots in one strike.
  4. TskTsk


    Thanks for the reply, yeah I figured that was the problem. Anyways no big deal
  5. GLOBEX is the CME not the CBOE.

    You have to pick SMART(CBOE) to see the CBOE SPX option quotes.
  6. TskTsk


    Yeah, I write in "SPX", then click SPX->Futures->Jun->2012, and in the contract selection window I only see CME and GLOBEX as the options, no CBOE.

    Maybe I'm missing a data feed subscription?
  7. ddouglas


    Index, not future.
  8. When I enter SPX I get two options choice - futures options and options. I assume options give me the index options.
  9. CBOE trades index options, not futures options (that's globex at the CME). go to the options trader, type in spx, and choose index
  10. Thanks I was looking wrong options. Now how do I get index value? I need that to select option prices
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