CBOE seat prices going up

Discussion in 'Options' started by freehouse, Oct 29, 2003.

  1. 11:15 (Dow Jones) Floor-based securities exchanges are accustomed to seeing their seat prices slump in this age of electronic trading. But at the CBOE, seat prices are climbing faster than the Nasdaq Composite Index. The seat sold last week fetched $295,000 - up from $240,000 on Sept. 26 and $197,000 on Aug. 13. The oldest U.S. option exchange is mulling a plan that might allow some members to make markets and trade via remote access - without having human traders on the Chicago floor. This isn't a new thing among increasingly electronic option markets but a big move nonetheless given the CBOE's heft. Details will be revealed at a members' meeting this afternoon.
  2. i just read today an amex seat went for a new low price. something like 90k i think. cant find the link right now.
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