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    Hope you don't need to trade any products that just trade on the CBOE (SPX, VIX, OEX,) because the exchange is down right now.

    The problems of single listed products.
  2. Interesting. I'm currently in RUT and NDX option positions but I'm still seeing live quotes and trades.
  3. I believe that RUT and NDX are listed on multiple exchanges, whereas the others are exclusive CBOE products.
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    Still down almost an hour after opening. No indication when trading will begin.
  5. Looks like CBOE just came back.
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    Still down, no indication when trading will begin.
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    we did witnessed a massive volume spike at this instant.

    this volume spike could be due to CBOE just coming back online. It was not working from the morning. But seems it couldn't handle the load and has lapsed again.
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  9. I lurv that the CBOE twitter feed is completely silent on this. Watching Bloomberg News you'd never know anything was wrong.
    I guess this doesn't qualify as market news. Fake explosions at the White House? That's news. This? Nothing.
  10. Wow, I used to trade OEX options (CBOE-only); I'm glad I've only been in RUT and NDX lately.

    I'll have to reconsider whether I want to be in these single exchange products in the future.
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