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Discussion in 'Options' started by roncer, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Did any body else out there get stuck Friday with no trading at the CBOE. I use IB and was unable to trade from 1:00PM ET into the close. I am curious if this was really CBOE down and unable or maybe it was IB unable? Comments appreciated.
  2. I made two trades on Friday but both were in the AM...the last trade just before 1pm ET..SPX on the CBOE
  3. I can't imagine the CBOE was down. They ahve more redundancy to insure against going down than you can imagine. NASA wishes they were as clean. I would be willing to bet anything it was IB. I had problems with them before on this.

    Try thinkorswim. If they are down it is because the CBOE is down.
    Thank you
    Linda:D :D
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    Linda.....did you make any trades Friday afternoon? They really left me hanging on this one.

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  6. Maybe that's why I wasn't filled. :confused:
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    Jim C...............Thanks a lot. I don't want to change brokers unless I have too.

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    time to pay up linda...

    "NEW YORK — Electronic trading at the Chicago Board Options Exchange was interrupted around midday Friday, resulting in a slow trading day on the biggest options exchange.

    In a statement, the exchange said electronic trading was unavailable as of 12:10 pm EST. No explanation for the outage was provided."
  9. ...and I thought she knew everything.
  10. Fer crissakes if there is anything wrong ANYWHERE, IB did it... :p

    IB is a great broker, give 'em a break.

    Or just use another broker and STFU.
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