CBO Raises Stimulus Cost Estimate - Again

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. pspr


    This just gets better and better. And the Demoscum in the Senate can't even go along with the reduced $60B budget cuts!

    Congress‘ chief scorekeeper has again raised the cost estimate of President Obama‘s two-year-old economic-stimulus program, calculating it will end up costing taxpayers $821 billion — or $34 billion more than originally projected.


    Stimulus Money Funds NYC Anti-Obesity Ad Campaign (How is that stimulus?)

  2. rc8222


    I'm cheering for a Government shutdown. This one would be 1000% blamed on the Democrats. It absolutely kills them to enact any spending cut measures. We actually need to make more spending cuts than the House GOP is recommending. The majority of America is totally on the side of Republicans this time around. A great many of the moron, shit for brains Independent voters have finally come around and realize what a drastic mistake they made by electing Obama.
  3. olias


    Running the campaign, creating the ads, etc...creates jobs right? that money doesn't go into an incinerator. it goes back out into the economy. right?

    That's how I see it, but I'm open to correction.

    Could that money be better spent elsewhere? Probably. But if those ads are effective at getting people to think healthier then I don't have such a big problem with it.
  4. Lucrum


    It may be the only way to reduce the spending
    I hope you're right.
  5. Lucrum


    Well yeah I guess so.

    This is what bothers me. We're already broke I think where it gets spent should receive more pragmatic thought from our "leaders". (such as they are)
  6. pspr


    How do you know that? I don't see you providing any supporting stats.

    How many jobs do you think running ads creates? That's right - zilch. Put the money back in the Treasury if that's the only stimulus idea they can come up with.
  7. It's not about creating jobs, it's about creating and throwing more dollars out into the market. This infusion of currency stops the banking loan system from de-leveraging and banks from incurring losses. Wouldn't want our banking masters to lose control would we?
  8. Hello


    Given the fact that the campaign will probably be all about not eating out at restaraunts, or eating junk food, all it is doing is shifting money around. Less consumer money spent at retaraunts(if the campaign is succesfull which i doubt it will be) More of our tax dollars spent on a senseless campaign.