CBO: ObamaCare Will Cost Economy 800,000 Jobs

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Feb 10, 2011.

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    and how many different estimates are we gonna hear?
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    Is it your assumption that Obama care will "not" kill jobs?

    It's common sense to anyone who has ran a business that Obamacare will kill jobs, when you increase the cost of doing business/employing people it kills jobs, period. That is economic fact, there is nothing you can say which could possibly discredit that notion. The exact amount of jobs lost may be up in the air, but regardless of the number, many jobs will be lost due to obamacare.
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    How many do you plan to ignore?
  5. It's remarkably simple like you and Hello have stated. It increases the cost burden on business owners that have already had their margins stretched to the brink.

    They had a C-Span hearing with two small business owners, one of which ran restaurant chains in Indiana and Ohio. Most of his employees were basically $9/hr with no healthcare, however, anybody who knows the restaurant industry knows that you could not have fully covered employees and still make a profit. He basically said that even if he covered half the employees, he'd have to close the business, there is no possible way to make the math work.

    It's as if people can't put 2+2 together. How does everybody think these small businesses absorbed all of the commodity inflation in the past decade without closing shop? Just more fallout from the central planners and their money spiggot. It manifests itself in so many damaging ways, but people get so caught up in some impractical ideology, that they miss out on all the details.
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    It's all part of the grand Democtat plan. Obamacare can't work. If they can hang on and get it started the people will then realize that it doesn't work. The Democrats will then call for the single payer government total take over of the healthcare system to solve the shortcomings of Obamacare.

    All they have to do is get the Obamacare train moving down the tracks. When it doesn't work as promised they will have to turn it into the Amtrak of health care to 'save' us.

    We've got to stop it NOW!!!!
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    On the flip side of the coin, was there an estimation of the number of lives that would be saved or the quality of lives enhanced?
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    If you have a choice between no job(no money to feed your family), and free healthinsurance, or a job and the ability to feed your family with no health insurance which would you choose?

    If i had to choose between food and shelter for my family or healthcare for my family the more immediate concern is obviously food and shelter, liberals dont seem to understand this simple concept.
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    You mean because care will be rationed and we will have a shortage of doctors? That makes no sense.
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